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Basic Charts

Example: pointcharts/simple_scatter

A simple scatter plot.

Line Charts

Example: linecharts/simple_timeseries

A simple line chart.

Example: linecharts/lines_with_points

A simple line chart with points and a legend.

Example: linecharts/lines_with_labels

A line chart with labels.

Example: linecharts/irregular_data

Plotting two series with unaligned data points.

Bar Charts

Example: barcharts/bars_with_labels

A vertical bar chart with labels.

Example: barcharts/horizontal_bars

A simple horizontal bar chart.

Example: barcharts/horizontal_ranges

A grouped, "floating" horizontal bar chart

Example: barcharts/vertical_ranges

A grouped, "floating" vertical bar chart

Example: barcharts/barsandlines

A bar chart and a line element.

Scatter Plots

Example: pointcharts/pointchart_with_labels

A scatter plot with labelled data points.

Area Charts

Example: areacharts/simple_area

A simple area chart.

Example: areacharts/area_ranges

A "range" area chart


Example: other/demo

A collection of examples generated with PlotFX

Example: other/demo2

A collection of examples generated with PlotFX
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